Create transparent video with alpha channel for html5 browsers

Drag and drop your video - our app will make your video with green background ( chroma key ) or with alpha channel transparent when played online in a browser.

Tell us what kind of video is that:


How do I remove watermark from my transparent video

Once you are happy with your video you can encode it without watermark by paying a fee (£10GBP for a single video) here

Our player supports both real alpha channel coding and chromakeying. So what is the difference?

True alpha channel

It is when information about pixels transparency is coded using a separate channel and so it is more precise and appealing comparing to chromakeying.

Here is our video coded with true alpha:

Here is another html5 video with alpha channel:

Yet another one:

And here is another one:


This is when pixels get transparent based on their color. By default our player converts green color to transparency but this along with conversion tolerance can be easily adjusted. You can play with the settings below.

Here is the video with green background that we converted to transparent using chroma key

How people use transparent videos for web

A video that blends with the website content is unusual and imressive, it attracts attention, you can use it for:

For more info on how to embed our transparent video in your web page please see documentation

How does it work ?

There are many video codecs that do support alpha channel but none of them can be played online by a browser. So what we do when you upload your video is we convert your video to our JSV® format that can be played by browsers.

How do I create a transparent video in the first place?

There are two methods to create a video for the input to our app:

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